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If you’re one of thquit-jobose employers who has been regaling your employees with the refrain: “Just Feel Lucky You Have a Job,” it’s time to change your tune. Employees are stressed and stretched and looking to leave. In fact, surveys put the numbers at about one in three employees who are searching for a new opportunity. And with the market improving, they will find that opportunity much quicker. Can you afford to lose that talent?
And here’s something else to think about. More employees are leaving their jobs without another one lined up, or for a totally different line of work because they are just DONE. The constant pressure to produce more, and produce it faster leaves employees with no reflection time, no think time, no time to savor the moment in creating something of value. Ready. Fire. Aim. Done is more profitable than perfect.
To be engaged and loyal, employees need to feel valued, connected, challenged and recognized. Instead, they are feeling overextended, under-appreciated and exhausted from trying to meet ever-increasing productivity expectations. Speeeed it up!
If you want your employees to be loyal to you, demonstrate that you are loyal to them. Show that you care. Make them feel…
Valued by listening to them, and acknowledging the need for work/life balance.
Connected by ongoing communication about the direction of the organization and their role in it. Show them that they are part of a community.
Challenged through growth opportunities and a clearly defined career path (NOT by more work, more hours…).
Recognized by frequent, sincere appreciation –both monetary and non-monetary – for their efforts.
Don’t let valuable mindshare and talent walk out your door. Start working to keep them today.

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