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The Insights Discovery System™

The Insights Discovery System™ (http://www.insights.com/) is a program designed for workgroups, management teams, or entire organizations to help them understand and improve the communication and interpersonal dynamics within their group.

Each individual is different. Understanding self, others and interactions can be the single most important aspect of personal, team and organizational development. The Insights Discovery System is based on the most effective psychological research of our times – in particular, the work of Dr. Carl Jung.

Insights Personal Profile

The Insights Discovery Preference Evaluator is a powerful Jung-based instrument. The Evaluator responses generate the data that is central to the Insights Discovery Profiles.

At the foundation of the Insights Discovery System is a powerful Windows-based software program designed to produce accurate and practical professional profile reports. Strong statistical reliability and validity data support the Insights Discovery Preference Evaluator

Our Insights Discovery Personal Profile includes: An Overview; Key strengths and weaknesses; Value to the Team; Effective Communication; Barriers to Effective Communication; Possible Blind Spots; and Suggestions for Development.

The Insights Discovery system provides a common language for effective interaction and organizational growth. The focus is on how to:

  • Understand me
  • Understand you
  • Adapt and connect

Click here to view and download a sample Insights Discovery Personal Profile

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