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PeopleThink will work with you to create a workshop or talk that brings the best of our model and expertise to the needs of your team or organization.

We offer stand-alone workshops and talks on a variety of people-related topics. Workshops range from a half-day to 2 days, and are dictated by your needs and time constraints. Talks range from 1 to 3 hours.


Personal Best Leadership – The Leader Who Makes a Difference

Personal Best Leadership
This workshop uses the Lumina Leader assessment and tools to help leaders understand and adapt their leadership style based on 4 key leadership competencies:

  • Leading Through People
  • Leading with Vision
  • Leading with Drive
  • Leading to Deliver

Each participant will receive a customized Lumina Spark Portrait with valuable information about strengths and possible weaknesses, leadership style, and communication preferences.

Communicating from Your Strengths

Communicating effectively requires first understanding your own communication style, and then adapting that style to connect with others. In this workshop participants will learn practical techniques for building rapport and effectively engaging with those who are like them, and those who are different from them.

Each participant will receive a customized Lumina Spark Portrait, providing valuable information including overall strengths and possible weaknesses, how they use their behavior traits, 25 qualities that make them who they are, and communication preferences.

Team Tune Up

Team Tune Up
Based on our Team Tune Up solution, this customized workshop focuses on team development needs. Using the results of the Lumina Team Assessment, we will design a workshop to specifically address development areas in 16 different, yet intrinsically linked, elements. This workshop will benefit the team as a whole, the individuals who are on the team and the task they are trying to achieve.

Navigating in the Workplace – Creating Your Career Map

Develop the career you’ve always wanted. Explore your vales, skills, natural talents, job satisfiers and dissatisfiers, and internal barriers. You will create a one-page Career Profile that reflects your strengths and preferences for “what’s next” in your career.

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