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CareerNavigator™ is designed to work with your existing performance review program to incorporate what is often the missing link – career development. Based on a proven, comprehensive career planning process, CareerNavigator™ provides a structure for employees to tie feedback to both short term and long term development goals.

CareerNavigator™ comprises 3 essential career steps:

  1. Taking Inventory – Skills, natural talents, strengths, achievements and performance gaps.
  2. Creating You – Short term and long term career goals and how they align with the company goals.
  3. Developing the Plan – Specific actions and timeframes to build on strengths, address development areas and achieve short term and long term career goals.

CareerNavigator™ benefits:

  • Aligns individual goals and company goals; employees see how they impact company success
  • Provides a foundation for succession planning
  • Focuses on the future, which motivates and inspires talent
  • Enhances communication as manager becomes a “coach” for the employee’s career plan
  • Enables employees to visualize a “career” with the company vs. just a “job”; reduces turnover
Without goals and plans to achieve them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination Fitzhugh Dodson
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