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Prepare your employees for continued career success.

Ease your displaced employees’ transition with a full-service career guide

The impact of the current economic climate is being felt in every industry, by companies large and small. Too often, because of shock, fear and/or a feeling of helplessness, displaced employees struggle to move on. In the past, companies often provided outplacement services to guide these employees through the transition and coach them to a new opportunity. For many companies today, however, this gift to their employees is out of financial reach.

The Get Real Guide to Your Career provides a cost-effective solution

Now there is a way you can provide the benefits of an outplacement service at a fraction of the cost. More than anything, employees who have just lost their jobs need to feel a sense of purpose and direction. The Get Real Guide—a virtual “career coach”—helps these individuals achieve just that. Organized into 5 interactive modules, The Get Real Guide leads the user through a series of activities that will: identify skills and natural talents; clarify interests and career goals; formulate a clear and concise personal marketing message; help them create an attractive and compelling resume; prepare them for interviews, and propel them toward a new opportunity.

Your organization also benefits

A company downsizing impacts more than just the employees who are let go. It also impacts company image and the morale of those remaining. Showing that you care about departing employees by providing them the tools to move forward—The Get Real Guide to Your Career—will reduce the negative impact on all three fronts.

  • Reputation as a company that cares about its people
  • The loyalty and goodwill of departing employees
  • Ongoing productivity and morale among remaining employees
  • Improved retention and recruitment

What is your organization doing to help baby boomers and early retirees redesign their careers?

According to a recent New Retirement Survey conducted by Merrill Lynch, 84% of baby boomers intend to keep working and 56% hope to do so in a new profession. Just as baby boomers have impacted every other age group they have moved through, they are about to reinvent what it means to retire. The Get Real Guide to Your Career is a system for designing a plan to find the work you want. The system can be used by individuals or groups and it can be self-directed or guided by a trained facilitator. We can help you develop a customized solution that will benefit employees who are embarking on their next chapter.

Your organization will also benefit

Whether you provide new ways for them to work within your organization to support their journey to the next opportunity, having a specific, visible plan in place will keep all employees engaged and contributing to the success of the organization.

  • Retention of critical company knowledge held by employees
  • Enhanced employee loyalty and increased productivity
  • A personalized approach for early retirees to design their career transition
  • Reduction in overall employment costs as baby boomers shift to reduced hours and responsibilities or alternate careers
  • The reputation as a company that cares about its employees at every stage of their career

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