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Successful companies know that ongoing leadership development is an essential part of maintaining that success. Our programs and tools will help you develop your next wave of leaders, plus strengthen skills and build competencies in existing leaders.

Through workshops, 360°assessments and coaching, LeadershipNOW™ helps leaders at all levels identify and develop both their strengths and improvement areas.

Our programs include:

Lumina Leader, which provides pragmatic approaches to a broad range of leadership issues, including:

  • New and unfamiliar experiences
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Motivating others toward a shared vision
  • Keeping attention focused
  • Coordinating and delegating successfully
  • Resolving conflict
  • Leading by example

Leadership Next Step
Customized programs including 360° assessments, workshops and/or coaching based on your organization’s needs.

A typical program includes:

  • A 360°Leadership Feedback Tool
  • Half-day Leadership workshop
  • 6 months of coaching

LeadershipNOW™ benefits:

  1. Understand your leadership style
  2. Learn how to adapt your style to lead your team
  3. Use best leadership practices for continued growth
  4. Communicate more effectively with your team and colleagues
  5. Create an actionable plan for the next steps in your leadership development
A Company without money can always borrow it. A Company without leadership is bankrupt. Edward Gubman
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