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Operation Career is an interactive career workshop designed to give transitioning Military, Veterans and their spouses the strategies, resources, skills and accountability they need to find employment in the civilian workforce.

Operation Career is based on The Get Real Guide™ to Your Career Workbook (a PeopleThink publication). It includes 5 action-oriented modules corresponding to the 5 key steps in the career process. Each module comprises activities, checklists and tools.

  1. Taking Inventory – What are your values, skills, natural talents and barriers?
  2. Creating You – Can you clearly state what you want and what sets you apart from your competition?
  3. Designing Your Target Campaign – What’s your career plan and how will you attain it?
  4. Getting Out There – Are you ready to interview with confidence and negotiate your worth?
  5. Taking Charge of Your Career – Are you preparing for your next career opportunity?
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