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A focused, compelling resume is your ticket to an interview, and the first step toward a new opportunity. But if you’re like many people, developing your own resume is filled with uncertainty: How many past jobs should I include? One page or two? How do I explain gaps between jobs? How do I map my skills to a new career? These uncertainties lead to procrastination, which leads to missed opportunities!

ResumeDone!™ is a professional resume development service that will translate your strengths, experience and achievements into an effective and compelling resume that will stand out from your competition and open the door to new opportunities.

Our service includes:

  1. A one-hour consultation with a professional resume consultant.
  2. Development of the resume document (Word).
  3. A Job Search booklet with tools and tips on job searching, cover letters, interviewing, networking.
  4. Optional add-on services: job search/interview coaching, LinkedIn Profiles, biographies.

ResumeDone!™ benefits:

  • Focuses your strengths, achievements and experience to position you as the best candidate
    for your target position
  • Takes the stress out of the resume development process
  • Helps you prepare for interviews through the information gathering process
  • Results in a focused, powerful, attractive and error-free document
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