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What turns a group of people into a TEAM? A common purpose. And what turns a team into a HIGH-PERFORMING TEAM? Open communication, complementary skills and mutual accountability. How do you get there? By understanding the individuals who make up the team, and how they perform together.


At PeopleThink, we use the Lumina Learning Team Assessment to help you develop and maintain teams that are balanced, cohesive and high-performing.

Lumina Team explores the team’s own perspective of their character as well as how other people view them. This allows them to co-create greater team awareness and understanding. Improved team relationships ultimately result in improved overall performance.

TeamTuneUp™ benefits:

  • Improves team communication
  • Encourages team harmony and development
  • Provides strategies for dealing with conflict and lack of performance
  • Develops skills in positively influencing a team
No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it. H.E. Luccock
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