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Jane Schuette, president and managing owner of Jane Schuette and Associates, has been helping individuals, teams and leaders achieve personal and organizational success for 25 years. A professional educator and coach, her areas of expertise include: leadership, individual and team effectiveness, communication, creativity, collaboration, problem solving strategies and organizational transformation.

Jane works with organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical, financial, government, agricultural and food industries. She has developed leaders and teams at American Express, United Way, the EPA Office of Water, and the US Office of Personnel Management.

She uses PeopleThink’s The Get Real Guide to Your Career™ in her work to help both individual contributors and leaders build career plans that optimize their individual strengths and align with personal and organizational

Jane is skilled at creating productive and engaging learning environments that foster self‐awareness and open communication to build trust. In her highly‐interactive workshops, participants develop action plans for immediate application, resulting in improved accountability, shared responsibility and sustained organizational growth.

Jane holds a Master of Arts in Education from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota, and was an adjunct faculty member in the graduate program there. She is a certified coach through Learning Journeys International, and is certified in a number of diagnostic tools. She is a popular presenter for Inventure Group and Franklin Covey Programs.

Jane has developed curricula and other district‐wide programs in Minnesota for high potential students and their teachers and has been recognized state‐wide for her achievements in this area. She continues to volunteer and serve in the field of education.

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