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Turning Team Conflict into Productive Discussions

July 31st, 2013

By: Karen Colligan

Productive DiscussionsConflict on teams is inevitable. And when managed effectively, it can actually be a good thing. New ideas are born; relationships are deepened through the airing and resolution of differences; teams grow stronger. But when you are a leader in the midst of conflict and attempting to deal with it while juggling everything else, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are 5 tips for managing team conflict effectively.
1. Know your own style and “over-extenders.” Understanding your leadership strengths and how you react under stress is essential to handling conflict in a constructive manner. Often our positive traits can be perceived as negative when over-extended. For example..... Read More...

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Leading in the Age of Peanut Butter

July 16th, 2013

By: Karen Colligan

Leading or ManagingTalk to just about anyone in Corporate America today and they’ll tell you that their team is spread pretty thin, many people still doing the work of two following downsizing, and most struggling to meet the ever-increasing demand of “do more in less time.” People are stressed and stretched.

It is the Age of Peanut Butter. And like with peanut butter, the more pressure you put on individuals to spread their time and efforts across a bigger slice of the workload, the thinner and thinner the coverage (and their patience, and their engagement, and their loyalty) will be.

Leading in this environment is challenging because we get caught up in “checking the boxes” and focusi..... Read More...

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Creating the Most Important Brand: Brand YOU

June 21st, 2013

By: Karen Colligan

Creating YouIn my last blog I talked about STEP 1 in your search for a new opportunity: Taking Inventory. Now that you’ve done that (and I hope you have…if not, what are you waiting for??) let’s talk about how to use that information to create the YOU that’s going to attract a new and wonderful opportunity.
STEP 2 in your search involves transforming what you learned about yourself in the Inventory step into a distinct vision and compelling messaging that clearly articulates your unique value.

There are four sub-steps to Creating You:
1. Define your vision. What do you want to be doing 1 year from n..... Read More...

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Taking InventoryStatistics show that a lot more of us are beginning to think about moving on - to a new job, a new company or even a totally new career.  Let me just say: Hold on a minute.
Before you begin your search for that next opportunity, set aside some time to TAKE INVENTORY. Get clear about who you are and what you want so YOU control your career rather than it controlling you. Think about what you bring to the table, what you like and don’t like, and what would be a fulfilling "next step."

Here are some areas to consider:
Skills. What are the skills and competencies that have helped you succeed in your career so far? Which of them are transferable skills that will help you c..... Read More...

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If you’re one of thquit-jobose employers who has been regaling your employees with the refrain: “Just Feel Lucky You Have a Job,” it’s time to change your tune. Employees are stressed and stretched and looking to leave. In fact, surveys put the numbers at about one in three employees who are searching for a new opportunity. And with the market improving, they will find that opportunity much quicker. Can you afford to lose that talent?
And here’s something else to think about. More employees are leaving their jobs without another one lined up, or for a totally different line of work because they are just DONE. The constant pressure to produce more, and produce it faster leaves employees with no reflection time, no think ti..... Read More...

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Individual Styles and High Performing Teams

March 27th, 2013

By: Karen Colligan

High Performing TeamsWe all tend to gravitate toward people who are like us.  This is true in our friendships, our relationships and, yes, our work teams. We hope that by focusing on those similarities there will be more harmony and, by extension, a better, more productive work environment. But think about what “harmony” is, in the true sense of the word. It’s NOT everyone singing the same note.  It’s people singing different notes that creates harmony.

As a team leader, it’s easy to fall into like = harmony thinking.  Avoid conflict. Get to the performing stage quicker. Shorten..... Read More...

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